Ink Appointment: Online Booking Appointments

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Book Appointments Directly From Your Website

The Ink Appointment is a business website-oriented plugin that provides an easy platform to your customers to book appointments for the services directly from your website. You can provide flexibility to your appointment form; i.e. you can create your business services specifying a particular date and time.

In return your customers will take a quick view on your services and can book a suitable time slot for a specified date. You can allow them to make payment either via PayPal or Pay cash later. This is how they make an online appointment to avail your services.

Ink Appointment is well implemented with all the necessary functionality that will make the online booking simpler and easier for your customers. Now you don’t need to use any other external resources for the appointment feature.

Features of Ink Appointment plugin:

  • Allows you to create desired services by specifying date, time and price details.
  • You can create multiple services with Ink Appointment plugin that will be displayed on your website.
  • Allows your  potential customers to book appointments for a particular time slot at a specific date.
  • Track records of new and previous customer’s appointment details.
  • Clutter-free management of customer appointment list on WordPress dashboard.
  • Integrated payment mode through PayPal.
  • Cash payment option for the customers who want to access the service first and intend to pay cash later.
  • Track and manage customer’s payment records on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Can customize opt-in field and service’s bar heading according to the website niche.
  • Spam-less appointment form with Captcha option.
  • Compatible with any of the WordPress themes

Benefits of plugin:

This plugin is for business websites. It enhances the opt-in functionality which makes your services addressable to your customers quickly. It illustrates:

  • Simple to configure and easy to implement.
  • Create multiple services on your website.
  • One view of all your website services to the customers.
  • Create  desired services specifying days for appointments.
  • Easy scheduling of appointments for the clients.
  • In-hand payment options for your customers.
  • Saves user’s time as they can book an appointment for services online.
  • Manage customer’s appointment list in an easy and clutter-free manner.